Sunday, September 22, 2013

[Shout Out] #4 Weekly Shout Out


 My name is Kay, I am a twenty something years old girl living in New Zealand. I am an extreme girly girl who loves anything pink and kawaii ~ I dedicate my blog to all things beauty, fashion and a little bit about my life. I mainly blog about beauty products reviews and sometimes show off my outfits of the day. Please come and check out my blog,I love meeting new people, new friends Svart hjärter (kort)

Yomi: I think her blog is really colorful that makes you look forward to read something that will make you happy. I especially liked her newest post about how she made the Japanese DIY candy that looks like sushi. It was really cute and her photos made it looks so great that I want to get one set too...


 Hello! My name is Junjun, and I am a beauty/lifestyle blogger. My blog is more of a beauty blog as opposed to a lifestyle blog, but I like to think that there is a fair variety of posts for my readers to read! c: If you're interested in beauty product reviews, travel posts, and just random hauls, please do check out my blog~

Yomi: Junjun is one of the sweetest blogger I have known, that applies on both her appearance and personality! She take a lot of great photos that makes her posts more interesting to read. 

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  1. the candy sushi looks fun :)

  2. D'aww, thank you for the feature, Yomi! *A*

  3. U got a pretty blog and i enjoyed reading it.. followed u on gfc and bloglovin.. Hope u can check out mine too and follow me back. Have a great day!

  4. I live making new friends too :)
    Keep in touch,

  5. aw i really like it when i see bloggers contributes to each other :)

  6. thank you so much Yomi for featuring me on your blog ♥♥ I feel honored to be on your blog :3


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