Thursday, September 5, 2013

[D.I.Y] Homemade Cat Ears Headband !

I think many of you have already seen many different cat ears? and there are many bloggers that tried making their own. I have finally decided to make my own with the items I have at home!

Maybe you have these things at home too?

But even if you don't have them, maybe you can find something else that have similar effect!

How To Make :

I can finally put my glue gun to use! 
I just bought it last week and have not used it yet, but I will start planning more D.I.Y with it !

I took some stuffs I bought for my clay making for years ago.
There are some really thin metal a like thing inside so you can bend it to make form.

I used three to braid it together, because I want it thicker!

In the beginning I thought that I can use my old hairband to make it, but I broke it... So I have to use that metal thing to make one! Because they are a bit hard, my fingers hurts a little...

After I finished braiding, I bend it to a headband form and used two more thin metal to make the ears. I just measured where to place them and glued it with the glue gun.

Because green is not so pretty color and it's a little too plain, I used my black painting to paint it black and glued some pearl to the ears! 

Here is the final results!

This can only be used as decoration and cannot hold your hair back. Because the metal thing used here is not so strong as a real head band. But I think it's really nice for a easy D.I.Y!

I love how I can just use the things I have at home to make all of my D.I.Y!

What do you think?

Want to make one?


  1. Hehe, I remember making my old cat ear headbands like this! I wore it in public and so many people stared at me because it's not really something people like around here. xD

    But great tutorial! ^^

  2. cutee <3 thanks for the tutorial

  3. Wow that's really creative way of making a head band! The results are very nice too. :3

  4. It's cute and looks super simple! Thank you for sharing :D

  5. I love it. *_* Especially the pearl addition.

  6. These are cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Such adorable cat ears! Definitely does not look like a DIY! (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  8. That looks sooo cute! You're very creative! :)

  9. You're number one on Bloglovin's up and coming page, well done! :D

    And I'm not suprised with such creative and interesting posts! Love it xoxo
    The perks of being a hipster

  10. Omy this is cute! must try this! Thanks for sharing! Keep in touch! x

  11. Hey hey, I'm glad you liked it I'm in the beginning but already addicted to this world of the blogs!! And Preppy Lemonade is already on Bloglovin ( stay tuned and follow the blog so you can be updated with all my little news and surprises!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

    With love, Bárbara

  12. This is so cute! Just stumbled over your blog and I really like it!

    Love, Hannah

  13. Thank you dear for sharing this lovely DIY. I've been eyeing a cat ears headband and your DIY really helps. I will make one if I am not busy and share it with you and link it to your post :)


  14. Such a lovely idea (: totally gonna try them out when I have the time. x

  15. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  16. These are awesome! You could probably make it even easier by stringing pearl beads onto the wire!

  17. Thanks for all lovely comments =)

  18. damn they look great. Great idea

    Have a great weekend


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