Sunday, September 8, 2013

[Review] Mediheal Blueberry and Pomegranate Sheet Mask

This is first time I put two product in one post!
Because they are in the same brand and most things are quite similar. Except the ingredients and gives a  different effect after use. 

Blue = Blueberry are rich in vitamin A, C and high of antioxidant!

Red = Pomegranate can prevent inflammation and high of antioxidant too

The package of this mask have really vibrant color. When you go inside a shop, these are probably some colors that would catch your attention. I think the combination of the fruits and vibrant colors gives a impression of freshness.

This is first time I see a mask that separated the serum and sheets.

I think the reason is because there are some ingredients on the sheet that will get activated once the serum touch the sheet that have a powder with it. Just like when we color our hairs, there are two different tubes and it only works when it's mixed together. 

The way of using this mask is mostly the same as others, except that you have to push the serum to the sheet and press them well to make the serum absorbed well by the sheet.

Left: Pushing the serum to the sheet

Right: Pressing around to let the sheet absorb the serum

It was quite fun doing this for the first time with a sheet mask,  it took a little time for me to figure how to press it correctly. But once your understood it, then you will be able to do it quickly without any problem.

I only took one picture of me using the mask, because both sheet looks exactly the same!

You probably see that some of the side part did not sit tight into my skin around the corners. That is because there is my hair under it and it's not possible to make the sheet sit tight to my hairs... 

This sheet mask made a great impression to me, because of the way of separating the serum and sheet. It gives you a feeling that it's more fresh? Since you are the one mixing them together and can use right after it! 

This mask have a light sweet fragrance.

It's difficult talk too much about the effect after one time use...
But it makes my skin feel fresh and soften.

If you have any questions related to these masks
You can contact Constance Choo

Note: The products in this post is sponsored, but I reviewed it with my honest opinion


  1. Oh really nice mask is the first time than I see a mask of blueberry. Really nice than works very nice with your skin. Many thanks for your review.

  2. sheets masks feel so good!
    great post

  3. I love blueberries *_* this mask is so tempting for me, I'll have a look for it!:D Thanks for reviewing!

  4. Mmmm that masks looks good on face!
    I'm missing you honey... Have a look of my lastest post, hope you like it!!

    Lady Trends

  5. great review!:) I dont use face masks too often, but I like when it smells fruity!:)♥

  6. Thanks for all lovely comments <3

  7. Hi Yomi! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. :) I agree, I have never seen masks which separate the sheet and the serum before... Very interesting! I think I prefer it the regular way as it seems a bit messy to me.

    Have a great week x

  8. Hi Yomi :D thanks for the review! I have never tried any sheet mask with the serum separated!

  9. Separate mask and serum sounds realy new! Never tried such a mask before but it looks interesting!

  10. nice mask!

  11. nice review.

    just followed you. mind to follow back?


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