Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Review] Moses Vision Blue Contact Lens

Moses vision is a new series from Speciallens

This circle lenses give a more natural look, if you remember my barbie blue one that I have used many times recently. You can see there is a big difference between them. 

As always they included a lens case in random colors.

I always love that they include a lens case, so I can avoid going to the shops only to buy a lens case and the ones we have in my country is really boring ones...

How To Open

There are still many new users that are having a hard time to open the bottle for circle lenses. In the beginning I just used my hand and nails, that was really hard and even break my nails. So I made a video of how I open mine circle lenses bottles now!

Here is my first video, let me know what you think!

Do you have any better ways of opening it?

I think this circle lens is comfortable just the same as the barbie blue I have received from them. I can use this up to 5 hours without discomfort. Maybe it would be even better if I used eye drops?

 Since this circle lens is supposed to look more natural, the enlargement is less then those doll series of lenses. But that makes it more natural to use, and not that noticeable.  

Lens Type
This is a one year lens type, but as most circle lenses. It's strongly recommended to only use them for 3 months after you have opened it. That's because of hygienic reasons and better for your eyes.

$ 21.95

You can find this HERE

What do you think?

Note: This product is sponsored, but I reviewed with my honest opinion.


  1. Thank you so much for this review
    You really did a wonderful job and I actually really like the lenses.They look very natural.

    Greetings from Canada

  2. Pretty yomi! The blue looks pretty on your eyes ^^ thank you for your review <3 I always have a hard time opening the bottle too but I usually use big scissors to open the metal thingy xD


  3. I like this pair here more than the other one. I guess I'm a fan of natural looks ;)

    Liebst, ina

  4. I love these blue lenses on you. They look more natural than the others. Thanks for reviewing!:)

  5. Oh lovely blog ~ !
    Now I will follow you on Bloglovin !!!
    Greetings from Italy *^-^*

    My blog : Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

  6. Nice lens :) they look nice on you, Yomi! Too bad I don't wear lenses.

  7. That looks so cute x
    And the vid was really helpful :)

  8. Thanks for the review~ The blue lenses really do look natural~ :D

    Also I like your first video~ :D I've been opening my circle lenses bottle using my tweezers >.< Haha~

  9. Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
    I'd love to follow you (bloglovin + GTC) and welcome to visit my
    blog about fashion - .

    Katherine Unique

  10. You have such perfect skin omg*-* Thanks for reviewing these lenses, they look super pretty and natural on you! x

  11. you are so beautiful!!
    just followed you! keep in touch!

  12. They look cute on you.

  13. lens colour is blue but it looks natural & blend with your brown eyes,,your eyes looks more prettier <3

  14. i use unwanted tweezer to open those bottle !! :D

  15. Oh really cute circle lens looks pretty natural and cute on your eyes dear,
    really nice video,

  16. Thanks for all lovely comments <3


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