Monday, September 2, 2013

[Just Talk] Introduce The Youngest Member In My Family!

Her name is Lilly

We adopted her mom at first and she gave birth to two lovely black angels. Lilly is 3 years old and since she was young, she don't like to interact much with anyone. She and her older brother is like opposite of each other on everything. 

Her brother is really playful , love getting along with anyone and act like a dog.

While Lilly is really cold towards everyone, including her brother. She would just walk away and find a quiet place for herself. Since born she got a weaker body to be compared to her brother. She get tired quickly and when playing together, her brother always win over her...

But for 2 years ago...

Lilly's brother died in a car accident and after that she have become more active on playing with human, although she still prefer to be alone most of the time. But some of her habits changed and interact more with us. I think it's because she felt lonely without her brothers company, although she usually find him to be annoying for most of the times.


She is a happy and healthy black cat that love going outside everyday ! 

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We know her brother is waiting for us in the rainbow bridge!


  1. Aww I love black cats! I am sorry about her brother.

  2. She's so cute! I love cats! I'm sorry about her brother. But happy that she's more playful!

  3. I'm a huge cat freak! I own two cats myself, and I was taking care of their moms also. :) My heart broke when I read about her brother though...

  4. D'aww~ she's adorable! I'm sorry to hear about her brother. :c She must get lonely really easily.

  5. I always get intrigued by black kitties! There's something mysterious yet charming about them (:

  6. Aww, sorry to hear about her brother. ;_; She's very pretty. *w*

  7. :( I'm sorry about her brother... I'm sure he's living it up in cat heaven though<3

    Lilly is adorable though. :3 She's in a very loving family too<3

  8. Sorry to hear about the brother and I'm sure he's in a better place. Lily is adorable! :)

  9. So cute, so sorry to hear about the brother, so sad. But, he will be resting now. Have a great week xx

  10. I started to cry ;___; I always cry when someone writes about losing their pets or something because it makes me remember the loss of my previous dogs. He lived with me since my birth until the age of 14.

    But Lily is cute ^^

  11. I'm very sad:( i losing my dog a few months ago . Cute cat;)

  12. Ahh it's good to hear she's an active cat now! Sorry to hear about her brother though :(

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  13. aw so cute!! perfect black. even nose is black xD
    btw i already follow you sometimes ago. thanks for follow me ;D

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  14. Lily is so cute! I love black cats. Sorry about her brother though, but I'm sure she's still very happy with her loving family. :)

  15. Aww I'm really sorry to hear about her brother
    but I'm happy that she's being more active(:
    Lily looks so precious^_^

  16. Wow, love your family member.
    I wanna have a black cat.


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